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Olimp Company has been a major provider for nuts in Romania for over 20 year. During this period, the company has always considered the quality as its first priority and served the market with products from all around the world.

Dried fruits have a big portion of Olimp Company's business. The company has a wide range of products from all around the world such as different types of dates from Iran to cranberries from Chile to goji from China.

When it's time for cooking the first things that come for help to cook delicious foods are good ingredients. Don't worry about that. We have the best ingredients for your kitchen. Just checkout our products and place an order today. 

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Olimp Company S.R.L

Founded in 1999, Olimp Company S.R.L. is a Romanian based company specializing in the production of dried goods and packaging, specifically dried fruits, nuts, and groceries, and produces more than 100 types of foods packaged in four types of packaging (transparent, fully printed, doypack, and paper boxes). The company works exclusively in the business-to-business sector, and Olimp Company’s suppliers are located in Turkey, the United States, Western Europe, and South America and the company sells their products and packages goods for Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Greece, and the Czech Republic. Olimp Company’s products can be found under their brand “Jasmin” or under the store brand in most major grocery store chains such Real, Penny, Auchan, Metro, Lidl, Mega Image, Selgros, Cora, and Carrefour, and the company also sells their products in bulk to other companies operating in Europe.