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We believe the most important priority for us at Olimp Company is the safety and quality of our products. The belief that shaped our company has made us to provide highest quality natural foods for a healthier society. The way we think has totally shaped the way we do business and our teams from procurement to production and also sales work hard to select the best suppliers for highest quality ingredients which then will be packed in the packaging which is the result of so much efforts of our R&D department that carries latest packaging technology and made by most standard materials that have the lowest impact on our planet. All of these are being done each and everyday to be sure you get what you deserve and your needs satisfy with our products and services. 

It Starts With Ingredients

The most important task of procurement department is to selecting the reliable suppliers for highest quality ingredients all around the world. Our products come from all around the world, from east to west and north to south. What we did from the very beginning was to establish a long term business relations with trusted and well-known suppliers in countries that we work with. Our relations with some our suppliers come back to 20 years ago when Olimp Company was s small and new company. Now we have a strong connections with our trusted suppliers around the world even so our quality control department always check the ingredients and reflects our viewpoint to our suppliers to increase the safety and quality of the ingredients.  


Our focus as a packaging company has always been on the quality and safety of our packagings. We consider food safety and freshness, environment, our customers taste and preferences and finally market trends while we design and develop a packaging. Since 2012, we've started to standardize our packaging's styles and we put so much effort on designing a packaging which is not only eye-catching but also has comprehensive information about the ingredient and its nutrition facts. Also all of our packagings come with 2 languages, Romanian and English which make them suitable for serving in hotels and also foreign markets. You can learn more about our packagings HERE


Production, it's what matters! For over 20 years we've been doing it in Romania and without a doubt we're one of the oldest and most experienced companies in this industry. Our production team works hard to increase safety and efficiency of our production sites while keeping the quality and quantity at the highest levels. We also obtained IFS Food Safety certificate with the highest score which proves our attention to every details of our job. We believe what make us different from our competitors is our attention to details and commitment to delivering the best of the best. 

Sales & Aftersales

We don't sell our products directly to the final customers but we get their feedbacks on social media and also from the retailers. Based on the feedbacks we receive, we try to improve the quality of our products and resolve the potential issue they may find in our products. We'll be always happy to hear your voice, know your opinions and feedbacks and consider them to improve processes at our company. Our products are available in most of the retailers in Romania. Also they can be found in traditional markets. We provide storage condition instruction to our partners all the time but we don't have any control on that after sales. In some cases our customers report issues that after we study them, we find out they come back to the storage condition after sales. We always ask them to return the product and ask for a new one. But in any case you need our help or you want to report a quality problem which you believe comes back to our company, we have provided a form for you in which you can do it. Please click HERE to complete the form.